Garnier Fructis Color Shield – Influenster VoxBox #ColorShield

At the start of August, I was quite happy to see an email in my inbox saying I had made the shortlist for the next Influenster Canada VoxBox. I had to complete a prequalification survey to ensure I was a “perfect” match. About over a week later, I got an email saying I was accepted in the program (yay!). I received the box at the end of that week, last Friday to be exact. Here’s what was in it:

Garnier Fructis Color Shield products

Garnier Fructis Color Shield Shampoo, Conditioner and Heat Protect & Shine Spray

So I wanted to give it a couple of uses before reviewing the product. I dyed my hair in June, but there was bleach involved in the process and I can see and feel the damage. I had to be very careful what type of shampoo and conditioner I used since then. So first of all I always love Garnier Fructis shampoos’ smell, and this was no exception. I find myself grabbing my hair and smelling it haha, so if you love fresh fruity smells, this won’t deceive you. I think it’s hard to say if the product really protected my color since my hair color’s been done  a little while ago and the fading has already taken place, but it does make my hair feel very soft and healthy!! It’s a great product.

I’ve tried not using the Heat Protect & Shine Spray for a day to see if it does make a difference. The answer is it does: My hair definitely felt healthier, shinier and softer with it. This is a spray I’d use everyday before blow-drying my hair, I can see a valuable difference. It also really diminishes the frizz.

I hope I do get picked in future Influenster’s campaigns, because that was fun!!

Disclaimer: I received these products from Influenster Canada for review and testing purposes. All opinions are my own.


30 ways to beautiful hair – TRESemmé Dry Shampoo Review

30 ways to beautiful hair BOX

It’s in French!

About 2 weeks ago, I received a nice box from Shopper’s Drug Mart with 2 Unilever sample in it. They were having this program a month ago, called “30 Ways to Beautiful Hair”, which is now closed.

The first sample I want to talk about is the TRESemmé Fresh Start Volumizing Dry Shampoo. At first glance, I thought it waTRESemmé Volumizing dry shampoos hair spray so I wasn’t really interested. But after looking at it, I noticed it was dry shampoo – yay!! I have the kind of hair that has to be washed DAILY or it gets oily quite fast. Dry shampoo is a great addition for me because sometimes I just want to quickly run an errand and I don’t want to take an hour to wash and dry my hair. With this, I can simply spray it in my hair, comb it through and here it is I’m ready to leave the house within 10 minutes. Now, what did I think about the product itself? The smell is great, it smells even more shampoo-like than other dry shampoo brands I tried before. It spreads well and the white color disappears easily.

If you ask me if I would buy this: YES. Every time I try a dry shampoo it reminds me that I really need dry shampoo in my life.

I’m leaving you on this note: Don’t underestimate greasy hair.


Lancôme Gloss In Love Review

lancome I received a deluxe sample of Lancôme’s new Gloss In Love from their Facebook ( where we had the occasion to answer a ”Quiz of Love” in order to get an instant win deluxe sample.

You had to answer several multiple choices questions (A or B) and then they would determine the shade you would win, if you were picked as an instant winner. Turns out that the way I answered got me the ”Under the Spotlight” shade. I don’t think I’m a ”spotlight” person, and flashy colors are not my thing, but I’m not going to fight for a free Lancôme product!

When I received it, I was astounded to how pink the gloss was. I just applied a little bit, and the color was really vibrant on my lips.

lancome3I liked how easily it was to apply this gloss. I suppose I am not a big fan of gloss because gloss + long hair + wind does not equal fun. How I wear it is after applying it, I will smack my lips together on a piece of paper, so that my lips are less sticky.

Thanks Lancôme for this product. For reading this article, if you are interested, here’s a code I was given for free shipping on Gloss In Love at until September 1st 2013. (LOVEYOURLIPS)


Have a good weekend! 🙂


CoverGirl Lashblast Volumizing Mascara Review

I received this mascara yesterday in the mail. I entered for it the 21st of June on this website: Procter and Gamble is an international company renowned for its varieties of products that touch lives of people everyday. Thanks to them for giving away these mascaras. You can visit their website here:

Thanks P&G!

Thanks P&G!

I already had that mascara before, and I liked it. I feel it’s mascara that does not clump, that doesn’t create smudges and that can easily be put evenly on the lashes.What is important to know about this mascara is that you have to apply it several times so that it gives a ”seable” result. And applying several times a mascara is what makes it dangerous to create clumps, but that’s the beauty of it: the applicator helps disperse the lashes.

All in all, I think this is a good mascara to wear everyday, for a more casual look. If you are looking for a dramatic look, you might want to try something more intense.


L’Oréal Nutri-Sleek Precious Oils Review

I received a bottle of this product through a contest they did on their web page about 2 months ago. Yeah, I did wait too long to post this, but I suppose better late than never. You can visit L’Oreal Paris’ page for information on this product here:

This is after a month of use.

This is after a month of use.

The Precious Oils products come in two varieties: Color Radiance and Nutri-Sleek. They contain 100 mL of the product. They sell for about 10$ in store. Now, I was a bit skeptic to use an ‘oil’ product in my hair because my hair can get oily fast. I have to wash my hair everyday because of that. So I decided to not use it on the scalp, and to run it through the rest of my hair. I press 2 times on the dispenser and that’s enough for my hair, so it will last for a long time. I mix my hands together and pass my fingers through my hair. By the way, I have read a couple of reviews who claim the product has a bad smell, but I thought the smell was amazing. It smells like flowers but not too much, and smells fresh. I love it.

The instructions on the bottle isn’t really clear about when exactly you should put the oil in your hair, but I put it before going in the shower, on my dry hair. I have also tried doing it while in the shower, but I thought I could still feel the product in my hair after the shower. The way I do it, I simply do as I do normal: shampoo, conditionner, and the results are really great.

The big difference: my hair feels extremely soft, it also smells awesome, and it feels healthier. The product really made a difference in my hair for me! Now, I don’t use it everyday because I want to keep the product for as long as possible, but for 10$, it’s worth it. But everyday I use the product, I see a difference in my hair.

Thanks L’Oreal for hosting that contest!