Life Hangs by a Thread: Death of a Father

This morning, I woke up at 3:42 am with the sound of my cellphone. This is unusual for me, because usually I don’t wake up, or I just don’t look at it, but I felt I had to. My best friend texted me : ”My father is dead, this is the worst day of my life, I don’t know what to do”.

I was freaking out. It couldn’t be true, I saw her father a week before. He was such a nice man.  So I answered saying ”Tell me this is a joke”. As I was waiting for the answer, I was looking online if there was any news about it. Yeah that was silly, but my heart was beating fast and I couldn’t accept it.

My eyes kept closing even though I couldn’t think of anything else because it did was late. Then I received her answer ”Not at all, Karine. My heart is crushed. He will never be able to see my kids”. I couldn’t believe it. I still can’t. He loved his children so much. He had his own electric company. He lived a loyal life. How could this happen? He was only 57.

What is even worse in all this, is that tomorrow is her birthday. She had planned a party, and I had planned a big surprise for her. I need to go pick up a book i prepared  her today, and I had wrote the name of her father in it. We were talking about that yesterday and saying how we couldn’t wait for that to happen. And in a few hours, all life changed. How can it happen so fast?

When I woke up this morning, it hitted me. Like this is the reality. I can’t imagine how she must feel. It’s so hard for me to see her in that situation, and not be able to do anything about it. I feel there is so much I could tell her, words go through my mind, but when I message her, nothing comes up. It’s like I can’t find words to express how I feel. Today she’s going to wake up and have to face that reality, and I pray God that she will be ok. She loved her father so much. She admired him, she always told me how he helped her, giving her money on the side, taking her side, etc. How must it feel for her mother?

Life really hangs by a thread. This morning I told my parents about it and they couldn’t believe it. My mother was almost crying how much it was touching her heart. When I drove to work, I was crying, because of the fact he was dead, but also imagining my friend and her mother in that situation.

Death can touch so many people. I still can’t believe it. God help us.