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Lancôme Gloss In Love Review

lancome I received a deluxe sample of Lancôme’s new Gloss In Love from their Facebook (www.facebook.com/LancomeCanada) where we had the occasion to answer a ”Quiz of Love” in order to get an instant win deluxe sample.

You had to answer several multiple choices questions (A or B) and then they would determine the shade you would win, if you were picked as an instant winner. Turns out that the way I answered got me the ”Under the Spotlight” shade. I don’t think I’m a ”spotlight” person, and flashy colors are not my thing, but I’m not going to fight for a free Lancôme product!

When I received it, I was astounded to how pink the gloss was. I just applied a little bit, and the color was really vibrant on my lips.

lancome3I liked how easily it was to apply this gloss. I suppose I am not a big fan of gloss because gloss + long hair + wind does not equal fun. How I wear it is after applying it, I will smack my lips together on a piece of paper, so that my lips are less sticky.

Thanks Lancôme for this product. For reading this article, if you are interested, here’s a code I was given for free shipping on Gloss In Love at Lancome.ca until September 1st 2013. (LOVEYOURLIPS)


Have a good weekend! 🙂



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